sabato 27 agosto 2016

Tanti auguri a me! + My WL

Ciao a tutti! Oggi è il mio diciottesimo compleanno, quindi tanti auguri a me ahahah.

E per voi ecco un libro nella mia Wish List che non vedo l'ora di poter leggere. 


In Orpheus Chanson's world, geniuses and prodigies are no longer born or honed through hard work. Instead, procedures to induce Acquired Savant Abilities (ASAs) are now purchased by the privileged. And Orpheus's father holds the copyright to the ASA procedure.

Zimri Robinson, a natural musical prodigy, is a "plebe"--a worker at the enormous warehouse that supplies an on-line marketplace that has supplanted all commerce. Her grueling schedule and her grandmother's illness can't keep her from making music--even if it is illegal.

Orpheus and Zimri are not supposed to meet. He is meant for greatness; she is not. But sometimes, rules are meant to be broken. Here is a thriller, love story, and social experiment that readers will find gripping--and terrifying.

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  1. Tanti auguri passati!
    Mi sono iscritta la tuo blog con piacere:)

    1. Grazie, sia per gli auguri che per l'iscrizione!